Pashley Cycles

Pashley Cycles

Pashley produce some of the most beautiful bicycles ever made.

Handbuilt in England, their graceful design, quality of finish and materials puts
Pashley among the best made bicycles in the world today.

Their range includes bicycles, tricycles and delivery bicycles.

They are all so beautiful that we just can't decide which one is our favourite.

Please note that Pashley's bicycles are handmade and handbuilt,
so there is a waiting list for some models.

Pashley Britannia 5 Speed

€885 – €985

Pashley Retro Ladies Bcycle

Pashley Britania

Pashley Britania

Pashley Britania

The Pashley Poppy is so beautiful that she does not look out of place in a field of flowers.

Poppy €679 – €759

Pashley Poppy

Pashley Poppy

Pashley Poppy

The Pashley Clubman.

Pashley Clubman

Pashley Clubman chainwheel
Viewed from any angle, Pashley bicycles are simply beautiful.
Pashley Brooks

The Pashley Roadfinder - Quality never goes out of fashion.

Roadfinder €2,779

Pashley Roadfinder

Pashley Hub

Pashley Roadfinder stem

Pashley Roadfinder

The Pashley Morgan
More than a bicycle, a work of art.

Colour Pearl Grey- Gears Shimano Nexus Premium Geared 8 speed hub with Tap Fire shifter.


Pashley Retro Bicycle

If 007 rides a bike on his day off, our guess is that it is one of these.

Pashley Retro Bicycle

Pashley Catalogue

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