We are located on the Southside of Dublin

Our bike shop is located on the southside of Dublin in Rathgar.

1a Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6.

Rathgar is a lovely village with many attractions and well worth visiting.

Test ride a new bike or pop your bike in for repair or a service, and go for a nice cup of tea,coffee or lunch
in one of the wonderful local eateries such as Bijou Restaurant.

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There is easily accessible,free and secure parking at SuperValu, right beside our store.
Pick up some nice goodies in their gourmet supermarket while you are here.

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You can even try the best fish and chips across the street in Forte's Takeaway,
our favourite chipper.

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Brighten up your life with the most beautiful flowers from
The Flower Bowl, Dublin's best florists who have been in Rathgar since 1976.

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