Bike Parts and Accessories

All the parts and accessories that are needed to keep you on the road, you can find in our bike shop.

We also stock stroller tyres and tubes.

We stock Shimano brake calipers, Shimano brake pads, Shimano brake and gear cables.
Shimano levers and Shimano derailleurs.

Shimano disc brake

Shimano Ultegra derailleur.

Helmets, gloves, the best breathable rain gear, shorts and jerseys.

Electric Bikes Dublin

Bags, carriers and bike panniers.

Hollywood bike racks.

Bike child seats and childrens bike helmets.

Wicker baskets and wire bike baskets.

Seats, seat covers and suspension seat posts.


Handlebar tape and handlebar grips.

Bearings, cranks,repair kits,bike covers and side stands.

Training rollers and car racks.

We stock Abus, Kryptonite and Oxford high security bike locks.


Bicycle security tips

Never leave your bike unsecured. Lock it well, or lose it.

The 30 seconds or so that it takes to lock your bike,
will be one of the best investments that you can make.

A little planning now, will save you heartache and a headache in the future.
You worked hard to earn your bike, so protect it.

We recommend securing your bike with two of the best locks that you can afford.
Think of it like this, would you be willing to spend €200 for the return of your €2,500 new bike ?

Then buy locks of that value.

To help you keep your new bike, we will meet you halfway.
When you buy an e-bike from us we will give you a free high security lock ,buy an extra one.

Remove any removable parts such as quick release saddles and lights.
Replace quick release wheel and seat bolts with secure ones.

Lock your bicycle to a strong immovable object.
Where possible, lock your bike inside your home or place of work.

Keep a note of your frame number. Email it to yourself.


Cateye 🙀️ Bike Lights

Cateye Rapid X3 rear light

Moon USB Rechargable Bike Lights

Moon Nebula bike lights
Moon MK-2 rear light

Moon MK-2 rear light.
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

8 Light modes.
Light duration times - Overdrive Mode - 50 lumens - 1 hour.
High Mode - 25 lumens - 2 hours 15 mins.
Standard Mode - 12 lumens - 4 hours 30 mins.
Low Mode - 6 lumens - 9 hours.

100% flashing - 50 lumens - 2 hours 10 mins.
50% flashing - 25 lumens - 4 hours 25 mins.
10% flashing - 5 lumens - 20 hours 40 mins.
Strobe - 10 lumens - 10 hours 40 mins.



Bike parts, tools and accessories from BBB.

BBB road bike brake blocks

BBB bar ends alloy

BBB bike brake blocks

After a high security lock,
the next best thing that you can buy for your bike is a good saddle.

Why ride around on a plastic bag covered plank, when you can buy a good saddle ?

BBB Spotplus active saddle

The BBB Sport plus Active.

This model from BBB is waterproof and is the best that we have tried.
You will be amazed by the difference in comfort that the center cut out makes.

Fibrax brake pads and blocks.

Schwalbe puncture resistant tyres.

Cleaning products and lubricants by

Muc-off bike cleaner.

This bike cleaning spray is by far the best. We use it every day.
Kind to your bike and works great.

Muc-off bike cleaner.

Bike cleaning

Zéfal pumps.


Bike repairs
Bike Repairs

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