Electric Bikes

Electric bikes also known as e-bikes have been around for a long time.

The first models were made during the early 1890's.

Early models were heavy and had low battery capacity.
Recent improvements in battery and bicycle technologies put e-bikes
at the top of the transportation ladder.

Modern e-bikes are fast, light and powerful.
Unbeatable for economy, ease of use and a thrill to ride.

E-bike motor

Powered by high capacity lithium ion power packs.
Recharge quickly with the latest technology intelligent chargers.

Motors too are of the newest generation.
Powerful and smooth,made by Bosch and Yamaha.

Bosch e-bike motor

E-bikes come with an onboard computer.
Speed, power, trip distance and power pack charge status infomation is shown.

E-bike computer

The boost is very helpful while riding into a headwind and up hills.

They can really move.

We strongly advise the wearing of a
helmet and protective gloves
while riding an electric bike.

Below is an example of an e-bike.

The power pack is located in the frame at the Haibike logo.
The motor is at the chainwheel area.

There is a power level and boost selector at fingertip control.
There is also a bar mounted computer.
The bike can be ridden with or without power.

Go for a ride without using power, as far as you can go
and then when you reach your limit, select boost and cruise all the way home.
Stay fit and have a blast at the same time.

Hiabike electric bike photo showing location of motor and power pack.

Many of our bikes feature motorcycle style suspension forks and hydraulic disc brakes.

Drilled discs assist with cooling on long downhill rides and also improve performance during wet rides.

Once you have tried an e-bike it will be very difficult to go back to a regular bicycle, they are just so exciting to ride.

If you would like to see how an e-bike works,
watch our video below ⬇

Electric bike video.

Take a look at some models below.

Keep in mind that we have many more electric bike models in store.To see more e-bikes visit our Home Page

See our full range on each brands page.

Electric bike test ride avaible.

A selection of our e-bikes.

4.0 Haibike Sduro Trekking €2,699 (from €2,179 with Cycle To Work Scheme*)

Raleigh Electric Bikes

Some of our Raleigh bikes. Full range on our Raleigh page.

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour
City E-bike - Raleigh Motus Grand Tour

Raleigh Stow e-way
Folding e-bike - Raleigh Stow-e-way €1,585
Strong rear carrier.
Powerful integrated lighting system.
Light and nimble about town.
Fast fold.

Raleigh Motus Tour Low step e-bike
Low step e-bike - Raleigh Motus Tour.
Low maintenance Hub gear model
Full length mudguards and luggage rack.
Powerful integrated lighting.
Front suspension for a comfortable ride.

The perfect commuter bike.

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